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Client 7


We work on a daily basis with national and international corporations in the energy sector in all their operations, from contract drafting (tolling, PPA, EFET, ISDA, etc.) to M&A transactions. We have an in-depth knowledge of industry-related issues, and have an on-going dialogue with trade associations and industry organisations.

Client 8


We assist Italian and foreign investors in the real estate sector (SGR, Sicaf, Reoco and Leasco) by dealing with the tax matters of each phase of the transaction involving a real estate portfolio.

Client 2


Our Clients include some leading players in the Pharma and Cosmetics industry operating both nationally and internationally.

Client 3


We assist players in the telephone and telecoms industry on a daily basis, and have an in-depth knowledge of its peculiar industry regulations.

Client 5


We assist banks and other regulated entities subject to regulatory oversight as part of financing, refinancing, and securities issue transactions, and in securitisation deals as well.

Client 6


We assist innovative companies and start-ups in tech-intensive initiatives associated with the financial sector throughout all phases to structure the transaction, from fund-raising onwards, also by way of ICOs.

Client 4


Our Clients comprise various Italian and foreign insurance companies; we provide tax assistance in structuring insurance policies by investigating the existence of any tax risks covered by insurance.

Client 1


We assist domestic and foreign Clients in managing and protecting their wealth, as well as in providing advice and in filing applications for private tax rulings for the enforcement of tax concessions to transfer/repatriate their wealth to Italy.

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