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Building a new firm from scratch isn’t easy at all. But luckily we didn’t start from scratch. Or rather, we started from scratch from the standpoint of physical facilities (offices, furniture, books, etc.) and logo. On the other hand, we started with an immense wealth in terms of people, expertise, friends, clients, and so much drive to do something new. 

So, in November 2020 we chose “New Brand, Our Team” as our tag line. 

It’s been a year and a handful of months now; we have physical facilities (actually, a few things are missing still, but only a few) and we’ve become even richer in terms of human capital. 

We’ve been through a lot during this time and we’ve experienced a lot. Many, many beautiful things and some difficulties, too. But we didn’t let this discourage us; in fact, this made us stronger and made us proud to be part of our project, AndPartners! 

There are so many things to say, but this isn’t the venue for it. The venue for it are the meetings we have every day; the five minutes we take at the start or at the end of our meetings to tell who we are and what we do, also thanks to the questions some of our contacts ask us when they see our furniture, read our principles, or become curious with our governance. 

And now it’s time to change our tag line. 

Now we are “Proudly AndPartners”. 

logo AndPartners


We are a new organisation in the realm of “tax and law firms”, operating in tax law and more. Lawyers and chartered accountants working in synergy to provide clients with the best possible service..


Our Firm starts in a year when the world we were used to has been upended: to navigate such a complex reality, we’ve set a few principles enshrined in our “key words”, so they can become the focus and inspiration for our work.


Before we leave you to our key words, why “AndPartners”? We de-personalized the Firm’s name because each individual professional in our team is important and it is thanks to everyone’s work that we accomplish small and big things every day.

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What makes a business sustainable? In our opinion, respect and regard toward all the resources that contribute to it: the Firm’s professionals, whose growth and appreciation we foster; the work environment, made up of environmentally sustainable materials; the taxpayer, with whom we want to build a trust-based relationship; the institutions, with whom we want to have transparent discussions.


Our Skill

Cosa Facciamo


Our team of Lawyers and Chartered Accountants operates in specialized practice areas that liaise with one another allowing us to offer an integrated and complete array of services on tax issues, and on both international and domestic matters.


Our Professionals can boast years of experience in diversified markets and industries, thus allowing them to gain in-depth understanding of our Clients’ corporate environments.




Our Partners specializing in law and tax matters have worked to build this new endeavour that would bestow specific focus on the notions that would become our key words: esg, innovation, commitment, growth, sustainability, networking. Thus allowing each individual professional to acquire training and grow based on these principles.


Our team comprises professionals that are appreciated for their aptitude based on our Clients’ requests and their needs. Growth - this best expresses the project of AndPartners, where each individual finds a niche and grows through team work.


Partners and Professionals at Andpartners are supported in their work by dynamic and mindful persons who work with the entire team to ensure that everyone has the right support to assist our clients in the tax and legal sector, without neglecting details.


AndPartners’s team is completed with Of Counsels on specific accounting and tax matters through Professionals of excellence and recognized experience in both domestic and international taxation.

The Of Counsels therefore offer an additional support to the activity of the Firm with high added value, thanks to experiences gained in the professional and academic environments.



“Our DNA includes respect for people, whether they be clients, colleagues, or other stakeholders”. 


We believe in this so much that we have added to our by-laws the principles on which the Firm is founded and we have created the Mentor Partner figure and the ESG Committee.  

We are pleased to share with you a few sections of our by-laws. 


paola desideri zanardelli AndPartners

The notion of “Mentor Partner” refers to and builds on the mentor figure that originates from Homer's Odyssey. Mentor was a friend of Ulysses; the latter entrusted to the former the care of his son, Telemachus, so that Mentor would advise and protect him. Due to this historical reference, we opted for a non-literal translation of “Socio Garante” as “Mentor Partner”. ​

In the current workplace landscape, the “Mentor Partner” becomes a particularly significant figure with respect to personal relationships, where they focus on keeping well-balanced relationships in order to ensure a peaceful environment that fosters their development both within and outside the Firm; ​general well-being in the workplace.​


Empathy, organisation skills, credibility within and outside the professional sphere, team spirit and a strong keenness for problem solving constitute, without a doubt, a challenge for our Firm’s entire staff. ​

A stimulating, dynamic, cooperative, but healthily competitive work environment stems from optimizing the relationships between people who work here, and who form the basis of the mission heralded by the “Mentor Partner”. 



Daniela Delfrate AndPartners
Giulia Cristini AndPartners

Alice Pasquini

Gaia Melloni

Gaia Melloni

ESG is not just one of our keywords, it is the acronym that encapsulates the principles we wish all of our Firm’s associates and staff to be inspired by in going about their professional life (and more!). 


To ensure that this comes to fruition, we have established an ESG Committee that includes 5 members (2 of whom are people from outside the Firm and 3 are appointed from among Firm members): Daniela DelfrateGiulia Cristini, Flavia Fascinelli, Alice PasquiniGaia Melloni.


The ESG Committee is in charge of evaluating, even by collecting outside suggestions, whether the Firm’s and its members’ actions comply with the principles listed in our keywords: Sustainability, Networking, Innovation, Growth, Commitment and ESG. Attention is bestowed, on one hand, on handling internal relationships and on appreciating each and every member of the Firm, on adopting solutions that are environmentally friendly and on creating socially useful moments and activities; on the other, on supporting the clients’ propensity towards ESG criteria. 


The ESG Committee meets on a regular basis and, where there are areas that require intervention in order to comply with such principles, it has the ability to defer these issues to the Partners’ Meeting. 


Socio Garante


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2024 April



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